What kind of traveller are you?

We have a huge variety of travellers. Whenever you travel in a group, you are bound to find one if not all of them in your group. Tell me which one are you?

  1. The one with the strangers

  • This is the extrovert of the group.
  • Always ready to meet new people and learn more about them.
  • They have no conservations or fear about talking to strangers.
  • Infact they are more than likely to ask the strangers to join their current group.
  • They can sit and talk for hours with these new people, zero social anxiety whatsoever.


  1. The one with the books and headphones


  • This is the introvert of the group.
  • Most likely have been dragged to join the party by their friends.
  • Would have preferred to travel solo.
  • Usually have their headphones on throughout the trip.
  • Might even carry a couple of books to escape boredom or talking to others.


  1. The middle man

  • They are a mix of the extrovert and the introvert.
  • They start out as the introvert with headphones on but once the opportunity arises, will be ready to talk the ear off of strangers and friends alike.
  • Very observant of their surroundings.
  • Mixs well with extroverts and introverts alike.


  1. The DJ of the group


  • Always has a huge collection of playlists for all kinds of situations.
  • Carry headphones as well as speakers. Speaker is a must have for them.
  • Life of the party.
  • They have the power to bring everyone to their feet.
  • They literally have all kinds of music.


  1. The photographer

  • The one with the DSLR or literally any another professional camera.
  • Gets the camera to take photo of their surroundings.
  • Ends up being the personal photographer of the entire group.
  • Might or might not charge you for the photos.
  • Might or might not forget about uploading the photos after the trip.
  • Helps to make lifelong memories.


  1. The artist

  • Carries art supplies, sketchbooks, books etc.
  • Gets up super early or stays up late in the night to capture moments.
  • Is somewhat of an introvert.
  • Artist doesn’t necessarily mean someone who paints or something along those lines.
  • Can be a writer, a song-lyricist, a musician, etc.
  • You can always find stationary with them.


  1. The mom of the group


  • The mom of the group.
  • Unofficially gets the burden of being responsible for everyone.
  • Might end up running behind the extroverts to prevent them from making mistakes that they will regret.
  • Might end up encouraging the introverts and the artists to join the party.
  • Might or might not stop the DJ and the photographer from playing weird songs and taking weird photographs respectively.
  • It looks like everyone hates them,


  1. The know it all

  • Has extensive information about the trip.
  • Follows the guide to get more information.
  • Super enthusiastic about sharing what they know with their friends.
  • Takes notes to read up on.
  • Visits a lot historical sites.
  • Has a lot of amazing stories to share.
  • A great storyteller. You never get bored with them in your group.


So which of these are you? Let me know in the comments down below!

Choose the right backpack for your Himalayan Trek!

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The Malpe Beach Experience

Malpe – A beautiful beach which is a part of the amazing coastline of Karnataka is the perfect weekend getaway for students and residents alike.

I remember the time when me and my family were visiting Manipal to drop me off at the university, the route to Manipal was what calmed our anxious hearts.

For what greeted us were the beautiful lakes and beaches all the way to Manipal. It inspired me to paint the beautiful sceneries in front of me… Anything to capture the moment.

You would have thought that I visited the beaches the moment I got the chance to. But let me remind you about the fact that I am after all an introvert. (And lazy, but mostly an introvert)..

It took me about a month to finally travel to this amazing beach that everyone talked about. And I decided to just go for it.

I grabbed a bus from Tiger circle to the Udupi bus stop, from where I caught another bus to reach Malpe.

It hardly costs you 30 bucks and that too is a rounded off figure because my muddled brain has problem remembering money related stuff. Anywhos it is quite cheap if you decide to travel there via bus.

If you have a personal vehicle that is much more fun and a different experience altogether. Just make sure that your fuel tank is filled to the brim. You will find petrol pumps along the way, but it is better to have an undisrupted drive and make the most out of it.

However due to the fact that I do not have a driver’s license (which takes renting a vehicle out of the picture), I am left with the option of going with my friends who can rent/who own a vehicle or use public transportation.

I prefer busses as it is both cheaper and for some weird unexplainable reason just adds to the experience.

I usually put on some good music and enjoy the scene as we travel through wide and narrow roads to arrive at Malpe. You can smell the sea almost a kilometer away from the location which just adds to the excitement of the experience. 

The bus leaves you right in front of the beach. Once you start walking towards it the beach, the first thing that you notice other than the huge Mahatma Gandhi statue are the shops lining either sides of the road.

These shops range from local eateries to tattoo shops. It gives you the feeling of a child in a chocolate factory.

As you cross the pavement the majestic view of the ocean often leaves a lot of people at a loss for words. Remove your shoes and enjoy the rough texture of the sand against your toes as you walk towards the water. (Please don’t do this during summer… The sand gets really hot…)

Sit down and enjoy the gentle caress of the waves against your feet, build a sandcastle, walk along the endless shore, eat to your heart’s content or just enjoy nature at its best.

Location of malpe beach

Located around 11.5 kms away from Tiger circle in Manipal, 10.5 kms from Udupi railway station and 9.5 kms from the Udupi bus stand is Malpe beach. Located in Karnataka and part of the amazing shoreline that graces our country, this beach is a must visit!

How to reach malpe beach

Travelling and reaching Malpe is quite easy as it is well connected by roads. Given below are some forms of transport that you can use to reach Malpe.

  • Buses – Buses run to and fro from Malpe to Udupi, Manipal and Mangalore all day long and is one of the easiest and cheapest form of transport.
  • Autos – If you prefer autos to be more convenient and private, there are a lot of autos available for transport. This might be a bit expensive, especially depending on the time of travel.
  • Bikes/scooty – Renting a bike is quite easy. In fact a lot of students and residents of Manipal and Udupi prefer this form of transportation. You get to rent out a bike for the entire day for a very affordable price.
  • Own transportation – You can also travel using your own transportation. This gives you the advantage of traveling anytime you wish to travel without having to wait for buses or autos.

Things to carry

We have all travelled to beaches atleast once in our life. Here’s a list of things you can check off before leaving for the beach.

  • Cash – Carry enough cash when you come to the beach. There are a couple of ATM’s near the beach but it is better to carry cash with you beforehand. There are a lot of shops which might make you spend your money. Also carry change with you so that you don’t have to worry about getting a change of a 200 or 500 rupee note. Carry a lot of 10’s, 20’s and 50’s along with you, just in case.
  • Sunscreen – Carry sunscreen as the afternoons can get really hot and humid and might damage your skin.
  • Flip flops/slippers – Walking along the shore or spending time sitting in the sand letting your feet meet the waves is an amazing feeling. However being worried about losing your shoes can deter you from your experience. So it is better to carry slippers or flip flops which can help you keep your mind off off your shoes. They are also easy to walk with on the beach.
  • Cap/shawl/scarf – Be sure to carry something to cover your head with. Spending hours in the hot sun might affect you and give you a headache.
  • Mosquito repellent – If you wish to spend your evening at the beach, be sure to carry mosquito repellent cream to avoid getting your fun interrupted by the mosquitoes.
  • An empty stomach – The beach is lined with shops which sell a lot of great food like seafood, local cuisine, beach snacks, chaat, junk food… really the range of food that you get here is exhausting and it takes you a lot more than an entire day to try everything out. So be sure to come here with an empty stomach.
  • Creative supplies – Sitting on the beach as you view the amazing sunset and the nature at its best often inspires a lot of the creative souls out there. Be sure to carry something along with you if you like to write or paint anything. You can also take a lot of pictures of the beautiful sceneries filled with candid moments. You can also carry books to read while sitting on the shore and listen to music.

Things to do at Malpe

Malpe is one of my favorite beaches in Manipal. It is not because of the fact that this was the first beach I visited here in Manipal, but because of the wide array of activities that you can do here. Here’s a list of them –

  • Food stalls – Try out the amazing food stalls. This is one of the only beaches that I have visited that has so many stalls, restaurants and cafes. It goes as far as your eyes take you. In fact there are a couple of resorts if you wish to spend more than a day at Malpe.

  • Water sports – Albeit new to the shore, but it gives the adventurers seeking out good water sports an opportunity to go para-sailing, jet ski riding and speedboat riding among others.
  • Ferry ride – Malpe offers regular ferry boat rides to and fro from the beach to St. Mary’s island, a beautiful island which offers a view of the sea unlike any other. The ferry is usually filled with a lot of people and loud music. My advice to you would be to get a seat near the water. When the boat is speeding up you can touch the water. if you are observant enough you can also see a lot jellyfishes and tiny fishes in the sea.
  • Sea Walk – This is one of the latest additions to the Malpe beach. The sea walk extends almost to the middle of the sea and is a long walk. But it is worth it. You can see the waves crashing, tiny crabs crawling up on the stones on either side of the sea walk, people jogging on the path, vendors selling ice cream to battle the heat, people taking selfies and candids to post on their social media profiles. The sea walk has it all.
  • Camel/Horse rides – If you love camel and horse rides, you get an opportunity to well, become a kid again and go on camel and horse rides.
  • Festivals – A lot of organizations and schools conduct music and food festivals and it gets quite exciting as the night rolls in. the array of music and food during these festivals is something to wait for. You also get to meet a lot of people from around Manipal and Udupi and if you are the extrovert and out-going type, this is the perfect opportunity to meet new people!

My favorite way to enjoy Malpe

I usually go to Malpe on Sundays. Ideally I would like to get up early to get to the beach and buy the fish the fishermen catch early in the morning to sell.

However by the time I manage to get my ass up from my bed, it is almost always nearing noon. After that comes asking my friends if they would like to accompany me to the beach takes a while. College assignments are the usual plan destroyers, but some days when we don’t have anything better to do, we head over to the beach.

If we have enough scooters/bikes, we all go to the beach on them. If I am travelling alone, I prefer the bus over the auto. Put on some music and the ride ends almost as soon as it started.

Once I reach the beach, I head straight towards the food stalls. I buy food and cross the sand to sit on the shore with the waves touching my feet as I look around and experience nature at its best. Looking at the different kinds of people on the beach, families, couples, parents with kids, observing them is something that inspires me to write.

Eventually I end up with my headphones on as I write my thoughts on my phone. Lost in my own world, it is usually the grumbling of my stomach that pulls me back to reality. I head over to the other stalls and try out different types of food as I look up at the sky.

It ends up being close to 5 or 6 before I can pull myself up and decide to leave for home. But not before I buy a balloon or bubble water for my ride home. As I walk down the road, with the beach behind me and bubbles in front of me, I feel all my worries fading as I walk towards the bus with a stuffed stomach and a happy heart.

However by the time I return home my feet are usually swollen with all the walking along the shore, but let me tell you it is all worth it.

All I would like to tell you as I end this article is to enjoy your time and have fun at the beach and be yourself. That is one of the best ways to enjoy Malpe! Hope you have fun! Let me know about your own experiences of Malpe in the comments!

Why create ‘That Broke Traveller’ ?

Hi everyone! I know this post starts off with a very weird title, but I am weird, so… *Shrugs*

Anyways, I was actually planning on starting off with a travel related post but decided against it. Now I know you will enjoy it immensely but I decided to hold on to that satisfaction, just for a while.

I felt that it would be better to explain why I made this blog.

*Cue dramatic backstory, tighten your seatbelts*

Since I was a little kid, my family, especially my dad has always been enthusiastic about travelling. He was a photographer, writer, artist, honestly, I don’t have enough fingers or hands to explain what all my old man used to do in his spare time. Plus it is a story for another time.

Anywhos (not a typo), every time my dad did tours, he always took some time off, a day or two after his tour ended to explore wherever he was visiting. He also took us whenever possible to explore places of interest. *Le Thanks old man*

He was always a curious soul and found out places to visit even in the dullest places. Or so I thought when I was younger.

However, his way of travelling usually included a list of things that we had to visit in a day, which involved us rushing around from one place to another. It was an efficient system and I never complained, until the day we went to visit the famed Ajanta – Ellora caves in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

Being someone who grew up with art all around her, I was amazed at the work on the caves, the guide telling us interesting facts about how the caves were built. And I found myself standing still admiring the works of someone who had tired themselves out day after day to give us that result.

Anyways I ended up staring at the hand carved pieces of work multiple timings, losing my parents in the crowd, before my dad found me, picked me up and walked around with me in his arms. ( I don’t remember how old I was, no judgement)

I remember asking him why we couldn’t stay there a little longer, and he told me that we had to visit a lot of other places as well. I begged to stay there for a couple more hours, but the entire day was already booked, and we couldn’t cancel it at the last-minute.

*Epiphany strikes*

It was then that I realized that I did not want to travel like my dad. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe that everyone has their own style of travelling and I loved the way my dad travelled. It just wasn’t my style.

I would rather spend an entire day in the caves looking at the hand carved rocks than visit ten other places on that same day.

A proper metaphor for this would be the rollercoaster. Rather than experiencing the sudden highs and lows, I would much rather enjoy go-carting or something. Well, I hope you get the gist.

However before I could travel the way I want to, adulthood hit me like a train. Suddenly I was surrounded by books (the academic kind), completing assignments, joining internships, working till I drop dead and the works.

And travelling which was a hobby turned into a dream. Something that would be the perfect escape out of this busy life of mine.

But one thing that I forgot to take into consideration was the fact that travelling requires money. And that I need a job for travelling around the world.

*Sighs* there goes the dream. Now like most of you guys (not all, most), travelling for me consisted of foreign countries, discovering unknown cultures and cuisines and meeting new people.

So basically the usual things that motivated people to travel, but a more mellowed down version of it… I am the easy kind of traveller with a fear of heights which rules out most of the adventure sports… Seriously the agony…

Watching travel shows in my spare time just ignited that fire of travelling all around the world. However, I suddenly realized that other than the fact that I am broke, I am also an introvert and super lazy. Like, my mom actually wonders how I wish to travel around the world when I can’t even get out of my bed in the morning and go to the nearest grocery store. (She isn’t wrong, I am honestly very lazy.)

So… many if not all of you must be wondering why create a blog at all.

The inspiration struck me when I worked in a travel company recently, where I had to write about places I have never visited and encourage people to visit them… *rolls eyes* oh the irony of it all.

Though, unlike what I thought, I actually learnt a lot about these places. And if anything, it added more places that I would love to visit on my bucket-list.

What I hope to achieve with this blog is to meet a lot of you guys from all around the world, where we can get to know each other, where you can add onto my travel posts something that you learnt from your own experiences and just have fun! Plus it might help fellow travellers who are travelling to these places to find most of the information that they need all in one place.

There ya go!! I am amazing and I hope to make this blog even more amazing! So stay tuned!!!

Ending this post on a very cliché note, let’s hope that we all meet each other someday and fall in love with each other’s culture… (You thought… XD)