About That Broke Traveller

The Vision

Travelling is one of the most profitable industry at the moment, as right about everyone loves to or wishes to travel. But travel is more than picking up your bags and leaving for the road, to let destiny lead us wherever it wants to lead.

Travelling includes excessive planning, gathering information and when the time comes, enjoying the moment.

The aim of this blog is to encourage readers to travel while providing with as much information about a particular place as possible!

The Story behind 'That Broke Traveller'

I planned on writing a short synopsis but that truly isn't my style. So read on to find out why I created That Broke Traveller... It makes for a fun read and also inspires you (Hopefully) to follow me...

The story

Meet Madhurima Sappatti

The person behind creating That Broke Traveller.



A Storyteller, Writer, Book Lover, Sassiness Supreme, Unapologetic coffee enthusiast, Foodie, Traveller and a Music junkie. Creating 'That Broke Traveller' to meet fellow travellers and readers.