What kind of traveller are you?

We have a huge variety of travellers. Whenever you travel in a group, you are bound to find one if not all of them in your group. Tell me which one are you?

  1. The one with the strangers

  • This is the extrovert of the group.
  • Always ready to meet new people and learn more about them.
  • They have no conservations or fear about talking to strangers.
  • Infact they are more than likely to ask the strangers to join their current group.
  • They can sit and talk for hours with these new people, zero social anxiety whatsoever.


  1. The one with the books and headphones


  • This is the introvert of the group.
  • Most likely have been dragged to join the party by their friends.
  • Would have preferred to travel solo.
  • Usually have their headphones on throughout the trip.
  • Might even carry a couple of books to escape boredom or talking to others.


  1. The middle man

  • They are a mix of the extrovert and the introvert.
  • They start out as the introvert with headphones on but once the opportunity arises, will be ready to talk the ear off of strangers and friends alike.
  • Very observant of their surroundings.
  • Mixs well with extroverts and introverts alike.


  1. The DJ of the group


  • Always has a huge collection of playlists for all kinds of situations.
  • Carry headphones as well as speakers. Speaker is a must have for them.
  • Life of the party.
  • They have the power to bring everyone to their feet.
  • They literally have all kinds of music.


  1. The photographer

  • The one with the DSLR or literally any another professional camera.
  • Gets the camera to take photo of their surroundings.
  • Ends up being the personal photographer of the entire group.
  • Might or might not charge you for the photos.
  • Might or might not forget about uploading the photos after the trip.
  • Helps to make lifelong memories.


  1. The artist

  • Carries art supplies, sketchbooks, books etc.
  • Gets up super early or stays up late in the night to capture moments.
  • Is somewhat of an introvert.
  • Artist doesn’t necessarily mean someone who paints or something along those lines.
  • Can be a writer, a song-lyricist, a musician, etc.
  • You can always find stationary with them.


  1. The mom of the group


  • The mom of the group.
  • Unofficially gets the burden of being responsible for everyone.
  • Might end up running behind the extroverts to prevent them from making mistakes that they will regret.
  • Might end up encouraging the introverts and the artists to join the party.
  • Might or might not stop the DJ and the photographer from playing weird songs and taking weird photographs respectively.
  • It looks like everyone hates them,


  1. The know it all

  • Has extensive information about the trip.
  • Follows the guide to get more information.
  • Super enthusiastic about sharing what they know with their friends.
  • Takes notes to read up on.
  • Visits a lot historical sites.
  • Has a lot of amazing stories to share.
  • A great storyteller. You never get bored with them in your group.


So which of these are you? Let me know in the comments down below!

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